Here at Paviour Designs, our goal is to work with you to help you achieve your design, branding and marketing needs and goals.

Whether you are looking for a new website, want to create a new image identity or logo for your brand/company, wish to promote your services and skills to your target market or just would like to spread the word of WHO YOU ARE? or WHAT YOU DO? through imagery, text, video or social media, our goal is to work with you in order to achieve this.

To do this, we work through a 7 step programme with you known as CAPTAIN.

  • Current Position: Where are you currently?
  • Analysis: How are you perceived and Why?
  • Plan: How can we improve your presence in order to stand out YOUR brand, from YOUR competitors, in YOUR industry?
  • Timescale: How long is this likely to take in line with your expectations?
  • Attention: Where can we focus attention to receive the maximum return and make the most impact?
  • Image: What does your future company image look like and say to potential customers and investors?
  • New Position: Where are you once we have finished?